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I'm looking for some open source Content Management System which has good support for document management. I would like to have it in a such way that anonymous user would be able to add documents(pdf,doc, etc) to some topics in a easy way.

I have some experience in Django and I could make some tweaks by myself to it, but I could take a look on the other frameworks as well.

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You can use Django CMS, but you have to make the templates by your own. It's not like WP or Joomla to come with ready-made themes and templates ;)

There is Mezzanine also which it comes with ready-made templates and couple of themes and also Cartridge to provide shopping cart. The thing about mezzanine is that it's not a pluggable app to use it with your own project, Mezzanine is a complete project by itself and somehow you have to start you project from it and it's not kind of thing that django people likes.

Finally FeinCMS that I have no experience with it ;)

My suggest is go with Django CMS which is great cms app, did you get it? app. means just use it as like other django apps that you are using.

Also I've released couple of plugins for it.

django-cms is very handy and customizable. Also there is another project called django-shop that is prefect answer for your shopping cart needs, from the mostly same devs of django-cms and it means it's totally works with django-cms.

The good things about django-cms is, it trying to follows django concepts. It's fully modular and works perfectly with other django apps.

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Thanks, I'll try Django CMS as it sounds interesting. –  siemic Nov 20 '12 at 13:54

You can check out Mezzanine or Django CMS.

Or see Django Packages for comparison: http://www.djangopackages.com/grids/g/cms/

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