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I am experiencing something strange. Having a domain 1 class with one property that is nullable:true and another that is nullable:false I expect to have the first one being render in generated view with * in the label * and the other without it. But both do not show it. I have other domain properties that have the indicator displayed. Is this a bug or how do I change the behavior?

I do not use any plugin for this.

Many thanks Sebastian

class Item {
    String req = "abc"
    String notreq
    int ammount = 1
    static constraints = {
      req nullable:false
      notreq nullable:true

screenshot of the form

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Looking at the default scaffolding template it looks like String properties are only considered "required" if they are blank:false as well as nullable:false.

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Thanks, I saw this some minutes ago... :) –  skurt Nov 18 '12 at 15:08

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