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I'm sending a POST request with json like this:

     type: "POST",
     url: "myurl.htm",
     contentType: "application/json",
     data: '{"val1":"something","stuff":[{"val1":"value1","data":"Someone"}]}',
     dataType: "json"

When I look at this requet from Network its passing the following payload


However, I want the request load to be:

mydata: {"val1":"something","stuff":[{"val1":"value1","data":"Someone"}]}

Because my controller is accepting the following:

 @RequestMapping(headers ={"Accept=application/json"},value="/myurl.htm", method= RequestMethod.POST)
 public ModelAndView mymethod(
      @RequestParam(value="mydata", required=false) String mydata {

So I need a way to simply give a parameter name to the json data I'm sending to the server as POST request.

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try to use data:'mydate='+json_content? It will send it like a post parameter –  POPOL Nov 18 '12 at 14:33

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what about this? Since json is just a string and you are posting data this should work.

     type: "POST",
     url: "myurl.htm",
     contentType: "application/json",
     data: 'mydata={"val1":"something","stuff":[{"val1":"value1","data":"Someone"}]}',
     dataType: "text"
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no, my controller doesn't read mydata as a parameter if i do that –  birdy Nov 18 '12 at 14:37
change the dataType:"json" to dataType:"text". You are not requesting Json, You are sending it. Sorry I didn't see it... I changed it in my answer. –  kasper Taeymans Nov 18 '12 at 14:39

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