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I edited some code to use a variable instead of a number.

NSUInteger *hoeveelChars = [eersteDertigTek length] - 30;

I changed

substringFromIndex: [eersteDertigTek    length] - 30] 


    substringFromIndex: [eersteDertigTek    length] - hoeveelChars]

Gives me the error invalid operands to binary expression ('nstuinteger"(aka"nisgned int") and ('nstuinteger"(aka"nisgned int")).

Not sure how to fixe this since I do need to have the - number as a variable is there anyone that knows a solution to this?

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Just use

NSUInteger hoeveelChars = [eersteDertigTek length] - 30;

NSUInteger is not a class. See Foundation Data Types Reference.

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Oo woopsie, little stupid thanks :) – Kevin Nov 18 '12 at 14:54

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