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I have a Sencha Touch 2 app which uses shepsii's sqlite proxy. When the app loads, I see in the Chrome console several errors similar to this:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getConnection' of undefined at file:///android_asset/www/app/store/OptionsOfflineStore.js:14

This error occurs on each of my stores. The proxy on each store is defined as follows:

proxy: {
    type: 'sqlitestorage',
    dbConfig: {
        tablename: 'user',
        dbConn: Utils.InitSQLite.getConnection()

and the line beginning 'dbConn' is the offending line. The app runs fine despite these errors in Chrome and when debugging from eclipse on an Android device. However, when I export a signed app package and install that on the device, it hangs at the loading screen. I can't see any other errors, so I'm assuming that it's these store-related errors which are preventing the app from loading.

I guess that the reason the error occurs is that the class defined in utils/InitSQLite is not fully loaded before the app goes ahead and attempts to run the store code, hence the InitSQLite class is 'undefined'.

Is there any way that I can detect in Sencha Touch when a class is fully loaded/an object is instantiated, so that I can delay loading the stores code until InitSQLite is ready?

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This problem seems to have resolved itself. This is the second occasion when I've had an odd problem on an Android device using the SenchaTouch-Applaud-Eclipse combination, which has simply gone away of its own accord. It's a relief, of course, but kind of unsettling that I had no idea where it came from in the first place, and hence when it might return. –  munder Nov 18 '12 at 20:41

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define in store config autoLoad:false and don't set dbConn in proxy, then:

Ext.myInterval = setInterval(function(){
    if(Utils && Utils.InitSQLite && Utils.InitSQLite.getConnection){
        dbConn: Utils.InitSQLite.getConnection()
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That looks like it makes good sense. Thank you. I'll give it a go, though I think I will need to have the stores autoloading at later points in my app. –  munder Nov 20 '12 at 21:31

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