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I am trying to send a message from Arduino to Android, and I am trying this code:

byte msg[2];
msg[0] = 2;
msg[1] = 1;
connection->write(2, (uint8_t*)&msg);

If I run it one time, nothing hapends, but if I run it in a loop for 5000 times, it is working. How is that?

If I use it with a button, like the following it working to, but how do I use without the button?

byte b;
byte msg[2];

b = digitalRead(BUTTON_UP);
if (b != b1) {
    msg[0] = BUTTON_UP;
    msg[1] = b ? 0 : 1;
    connection->write(2, (uint8_t*)&msg);
    b1 = b;
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ok so here is how it should be done

void sendToandroid(int pin, int OnOff){
long lastTime= millis();
byte msg[2];
int x=0;
while(x == 0){
if ((millis() - lastTime) > 500)
      msg[0] = pin;
      msg[1] = OnOff;
    connection->write(2, (uint8_t*)&msg);

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