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What is gdk_property_change binding in PyGobject? I've tried Gdk.property_changed, Gdk.Property.change etc. Function Gdk.property_get exist and everything else works great. My system is: Ubuntu 12.10, Python 3.2.3, PyGObject 3.4.0 and Gtk 3.6.

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The method is annotated with (skip), which means it is not to be included in language bindings. (See gdk_property_change source code).

Here is the commit where that marked unintrospectable constructs as (skip). The only explanation is that it is an 'unintrospectable' function. Perhaps because the data parameter can be any of unsigned short *, unsigned char *, or unsigned long *, cast to unsigned char *, and this was too difficult to deal with in language bindings.

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