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I would like to return my last insert ID from a table after adding an element. I'm submitting the form via jquery.

Here's the main part of my code :


[functional data insertion, blabla]
echo $connection->lastInsertId('ID');

jquery :


                    function(data) {
                        dishID = data;



The problem is, when I first click on #dishAdd, my $("#myelement").append(dishID) returns :

[object HTMLInputElement]

instead of my last ID. If I click another time, it returns the right value, same for all following clicks.

Do you know why it returns [object HTMLInputElement] on the first click? Note that the alert(dishID); always shows the right value, even on the first click.

I hope you can help me!

edit : I fixed it by moving



function(data) { $("#myelement").append(data); }
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Try alert(dishID * 1) Try add 'debugger;' to your code, then open page in Chrome, press f12 before refreshing of page, select Source tab and open your page. Then check, what for value contains dishID

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I managed to fix my problem by putting $("#myelement").append(dishID); in my function(data){} –  Gaston Flanchard Nov 18 '12 at 17:59

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