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How can I configure so that warnings that are issued by the Checker Framework are picked up and reported in Jenkins (e.g. by using the Analysis Collector Plugin)?

For the record, I am using maven and the checkersplugin with the <failOnError> configuration set to false, and the Checker Framework warnings are displayed in the console output in Jenkins.

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You are not required to use a special Jenkins plugin such as Analysis Collector.

The Checker Framework issues warnings and errors that are identical to those of javac (because the Checker Framework is a plug-in to javac). Therefore, whatever mechanism you already use to make Jenkins report compiler warnings and errors will work for the Checker Framework.

As a tip, if you are using the -Awarns command-line argument to treat pluggable type-checking errors as warnings, then you will also want to configure the Jenkins task as follows: Set "post-build actions" to "scan for compiler warnings", with parser "Java compiler".

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Kind of works, however I see "warning: incompatible types in assignment" in the "Java Warnings" in Jenkins, whereas the console also shows "could not parse error message: found : @ReadOnly Class<T extends @ReadOnly Object> required: @Mutable Class<T extends @Mutable Object>"? I also tried to set <javacParams>-Awarns -Xmaxwarns 10000</javacParams> (and removed <failOnError>false</failOnError>), but that caused the compiler to output errors instead of warnings? –  matsev Nov 18 '12 at 17:22
An issue was filed that described the disability to turn of compiler errors using the -Awarns flag. –  matsev Nov 19 '12 at 20:38

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