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I need to use colors in terminal, because I am running the Google C++ Testing Framework (unit tests) and the output is far more readable when using colors.

There seem to be two possible solutions:

  • enable colors in xterm

According to this and this I have run this under root with no effect

if [ -e /usr/share/terminfo/x/xterm-256color ]; then
        export TERM='xterm-256color'
        export TERM='xterm-color'
  • somehow configure Qt Creator to another terminal that uses colors However, there seems to be a bug in Qt Creator that forbids me to change the Tools->Options->Environment->Terminal to anything other than /usr/bin/xterm -e.

I am running latest Qt Creator 2.6.0 on Fedora 17 on GNOME3.

Note: The colors show properly when I run tests from the GNOME3's default terminal.

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I works on Qt Creator 2.6.0 based on Qt 5.0.0 (64 bit) which was built on Nov 11 2012 on Fedora 17. I downloaded it directly from homepage. This is beta2, but the final version should come before the end of the year. The solution is therefore to upgrade.

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