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i am developing an application in android to record voice will generate a mp3 file,but my problem is to pause while recording with Android MediaRecorder class. Can any body help me? Any kind of help appreciated Thanks in advance

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Unfortunately, Android SDK doesn't provide such functionality out of the box. You have the following options:

  1. Use AudioRecord class from Android SDK, which is more low-level than MediaRecord and outputs uncompressed PCM data as a byte stream. Raw PCM data can be compressed using (not part of the official API). There are some problems with this approach - AmrInputStream only supports 8 kHz sampling rate, so quality is not the best, though reasonable.

  2. If you need the best quality possible and guaranteed support on all devices, record muptiple files using MediaRecord class from Android SDK and merge them using 3rd-party native library such as ffmpeg. This will be difficult (you will have to use NDK and write wrapper program in C).

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Deville I have used the ffmpeg and it stucks while merging. It throws exception check this link… – Arslan Ahmad Feb 6 '14 at 7:48

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