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How can I convert the user input go 30,45 to go(30,45)?

so far I have:

input = "go 30,45"
output = re.sub(r'go (\d+)', r'go(\1,\1)', input)

However this doesn't seem to be working, I know it is probably down to the (\1,\1) but what could I change to get the desired output?


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Try this:

inpt = "go 30,45"
output = re.sub(r'go (\d+,\d+)', r'go(\1)', inpt)  # 'go(30,45)'

Note that you should refrain from using input as a variable name since it is already reserved.

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You can do this with an re as demonstrated by @A.R.S, but in this case, I would probably just use str builtin methods...

'{0}({1})'.format(*"go 30,45".split())
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