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I have created a stand-alone HTML, CSS, JavaScript offline map view using Leaflet (see leafletjs.com). I can use FileApp/DiskAid to download the application to the iphone. I can tap on the HTML file and view the app, but as you can see from the attached screen shot, the layers and zoom controls are at the top of the screen. If I try and press them then your HTML viewer with block the press and slide down a banner (BACK, ACTIONS, etc) (the black top banner that your viewer shows).

  1. Better yet, I would like to open it with SAFARI since it has the NITRO JS engine, but the only OPEN IN options I get are Evernote, RiddleDocs, Mover, and DropBox.
  2. Is there way to tell safari or chrome for IOS to open up a local file system where the html is: http:// for example where Toby is my HTML file? I realize is somewhere it the data for t

Screenshot of Leaflet app running on iPhone

Hidden by bar

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