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The auto-complete function of Notepad++ works fine for file types such as PHP and CSS that are included by default. But I cannot get it to work at all for DO files from Stata. A simple do.xml includes the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252" ?>
        <KeyWord name="xtreg" func="yes">
            <Overload retVal="void">
                <Param name="void"/>

And I store it correctly under plugins/APIs. But it does not work at all for DO files. Any suggestions?

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Oh, thank you, that works! Do you maybe also know how to create autoclose for custom created tags in npp (View->User-Defined Dialogue... option)? I mean those are usual html tags, I just colored them the new way and saved it as a user defined language. As I use Python mako templates I had to create my own definition for .mak and .mako file extensions. But after that I lost the possibility of autoclose from TextFX plugin. It doesn't know now that '.mako' and '.mak' are still the same '.html'. Don't you know occasionally how to get it back or set my own new one? ) –  Green Feb 20 '13 at 1:13

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Okay, I figured the problem out: The name of the language must be identical to the name of the auto-complete xml. So if the name of the language is Stata, the name of the autocomplete file must be Stata.xml.

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