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I want to put multiple plots to one figure windows and when I click one of these it will be open on separate window. Is there any predefined function to do that or what is the trick that makes possible?

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Yes you can to this, you need to define a callback-function that does what you want and then set the axes property ButtonDownFcn equal to this callback.

a(1) = subplot(311); // plot stuff
a(2) = subplot(312); // plot stuff
a(3) = subplot(313); // plot stuff
set(a,'ButtonDownFcn', @copyAxesToNewFigure);

With regards to creating a new Figure that contains a copy of the axes you clicked on, a function like this should work:

function copyAxesToNewFigure(hObject,eventdata)

  childHandle = get(hObject, 'Children');
  newFig = Figure;
  newAx = Axes;
  copyojb(childHandle, newAx);
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