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This is my code that works:

foreach (var r in rlist)
        if (r.IndexOf("_") != -1)
            int id = int.Parse(r.Split('_')[1]);
            var x_tmp = (from x in db.tblX where x.x_id == my_id && x.x_id == id select x).First();
            x_tmp.order = someNumber;

Is there a way to refactor this?

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Belongs here: – Patrick Quirk Nov 18 '12 at 17:08

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foreach(var x_tmp in db.tblX.Where(x => rlist.Where(r => r.indexOf("_") != -1).Select(r => Convert.ToInt32(r.Split('_')[1])).Contains(x.x_id)))
     x_tmp = someNumber;

What for a "my_id" ?

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