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I have an NSMutableArray named lineStore, When I run:

[lineStore removeLastItem]

I get the error

'NSRangeException'....index 92 beyond bounds [0..90]

Where the index is 2 beyond its' bound. Not a major issue, obviously I can just use 'removeObjectAtIndex' method. The question is why is this method doing this, is there something I've missed in the documentation. This method sounds straightforward and all the other NSMutableArray methods seem to work in an intuitive manner.


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Are you doing any sort of multithreading, whether explicitly or via GCD? (and, presumably, you mean removeLastObject) –  Tommy Nov 18 '12 at 17:35
As per NSMutableArray Class reference removeLastObject raises an NSRangeException if there are no objects in the array. Try this NSLog(@"Array %@ and count %d",lineStore,[lineStore count]);before sending removeLastItem message to lineStore array. –  0x8badf00d Nov 18 '12 at 17:37
Well there was definitely objects in the lineStore Array. Thanks for that tip because after I ran your suggested command, everything runs as expected even after being commented out. I didn't change anything else. Odd. –  user1615285 Nov 18 '12 at 18:03

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