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In this periodo I am studing the Spring MVC showcase example (downloadable from STS dasboard) and I have some simple question about the "Request Mapping" examples:

1) In my home.jsp page I have this link:

            <a id="byParameter" class="textLink" href="<c:url value="/mapping/parameter?foo=bar" />">By path, method, and presence of parameter</a>

As you can see by this link I am doing an HTTP GET Request having a "foo" parameter containing the value: "bar".

This HTTP Request is handled by the following method of the controller class MappingController:

@RequestMapping(value="/mapping/parameter", method=RequestMethod.GET, params="foo")
public @ResponseBody String byParameter() {
    return "Mapped by path + method + presence of query parameter! (MappingController)";

This method manage HTTP Request (only GET type) that have a parameter named "foo"

How can I take the value ("bar") of this parameter and put it in a variable inside the code of my by Parameter method?

Thank you very much Andrea

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As explained in the documentation, by using an @RequestParam annotation:

public @ResponseBody String byParameter(@RequestParam("foo") String foo) {
    return "Mapped by path + method + presence of query parameter! (MappingController) - foo = "
           + foo;
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Thank you very much for you clear answer and for the reference to the documentation – AndreaNobili Nov 18 '12 at 18:30
In case when there are 10 number of parameters, do we have to do this 10 times or there is a better way for thar scenario – Count May 23 '14 at 9:19
@Count: click the link I gave to the documentation, then scroll up a little until the paragraph "Supported method argument types", and read the part about "Command or form objects" – JB Nizet May 23 '14 at 9:43

You could also use a URI template. If you structured your request into a restful URL Spring could parse the provided value from the url.


    <a id="byParameter" 
       class="textLink" href="<c:url value="/mapping/parameter/bar />">By path, method,and
           presence of parameter</a>


@RequestMapping(value="/mapping/parameter/{foo}", method=RequestMethod.GET)
public @ResponseBody String byParameter(@PathVariable String foo) {
    //Perform logic with foo
    return "Mapped by path + method + presence of query parameter! (MappingController)";

Spring URI Template Documentation

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