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Is there a snippet or add-on to generate the comment header for methods and classes in Visual Studio 2008.

Currently i just type /// to generate the header. Is there an add-on to run a code through and add the comment header for methods, members and classes that doesn't have one?

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Take a look at GhostDoc add-in. AFAIK it can't automatically run through the code and add comments, but it will save you a lot of typing

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I second @aku for GhostDoc. I use it every single day on the purchased code-base that I maintain and extend. I've bound ctrl-shift-d, d to generate documentation and ctrl-shift-d, r to regenerate documentation.

Wonderful, just wonderful.

Don't expect the generated documentation to be extraordinarily accurate and helpful, however. For

public string DocumentGenerate(int generationParameter)

It will generate something like

/// <summary>
/// Generates the Document
/// </summary
/// <param "generationParameter">The generation Parameter</param>
/// <returns></returns>

Which, while accurate, could be more helpful. You'll need to flesh out the documentation.

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