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my table structure was like

CREATE TABLE `survey` (
  `id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
  `submitdate` datetime default NULL,
 `answer` varchar(5) collate utf8_unicode_ci default NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY  (`id`)

Now I want to calculate last 10 days records. Suppose no record on particular day. it should be zero.

the output is like

date         count
19-11-2012   10
18-11-2012   30 
13-11-2012   0 

i have used query like

SELECT COUNT( * ) , DATE( submitdate ) 
FROM survey t
WHERE t.submitdate >= ( CURDATE( ) - INTERVAL 10 
DAY ) 
GROUP BY DATE( submitdate ) 
LIMIT 0 , 30

output is

count(*)    date(submitdate)
1   2012-11-13
2   2012-11-14
1   2012-11-15
3   2012-11-16
6   2012-11-17

not giving 0 for no records with dates.

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This looks like the textbook example of an insertion anomaly. Dates only appear in the table if there's a submission associated with them, so your table can't represent dates with zero submissions. If this is a common problem, you might need a second table for dates (and a way to automatically update it). Otherwise, just use a loop to construct a query like the one fthiella suggested. – octern Nov 18 '12 at 19:01
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This is what you need:

SELECT, count(
  (select curdate() as day
   union select curdate() - interval 1 day
   union select curdate() - interval 2 day
   union select curdate() - interval 3 day
   union select curdate() - interval 4 day
   union select curdate() - interval 5 day
   union select curdate() - interval 6 day
   union select curdate() - interval 7 day
   union select curdate() - interval 8 day
   union select curdate() - interval 9 day) days
  left join survey
   on = survey.submitdate
group by

(if submitdate contanis date and time, you should replace the line on = survey.submitdate with on = DATE(survey.submitdate))

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I think this is the only way to do what the poster wants, considering the insertion anomaly where dates with zero submissions are never represented in the database. It could probably be generalized more using a loop to construct the query. – octern Nov 18 '12 at 19:03
thank you for your answer. the answer is giving only 0 s. almost 6 of the given dates have records. o/p is day count( 2012-11-09 0 2012-11-10 0 2012-11-11 0 2012-11-12 0 . . – jaya Nov 19 '12 at 2:43
if you get 10 rows with the last 10 days, and all 0s, it means that the join did not succeed... did you try to replace the on clause with this: on = DATE(survey.submitdate) ? – fthiella Nov 19 '12 at 7:50

You can try something like this to get the output:-


or you can try this:-


Check Date_Add documentation

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ans is count(*) 13 – jaya Nov 18 '12 at 18:39
I couldnt understand your answer. Could you please tell me what you are getting when you are running this? – Rahul Tripathi Nov 18 '12 at 18:41
please see my question edited just.thanks for youer reply. – jaya Nov 18 '12 at 18:43

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