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I am using Jboss 7.1 and Mod Cluster 1.1. I have set up a cluster with 2 node.Here is a brief description of the setup.
1) Host 1 : Acts as a Load balancer (Apache HTTPD + Mod_Cluster). The same machine has a shared DB for cluster.
2) Host 2 : Pure application server node.JBoss
3) Host 3 : Pure application server node.JBoss

I have 3 applications(2 EARs + 1 WAR) installed on each of the app server nodes.The war file is deployed at the root context. If I connect to individual app servers (e.g. "http://host2:8080/"), I do get to the home page of the application. However, If I connect to load balancer node ("http://host1:8080/"), I do not get to the homepage of my application, instead I get the default index.html page of Apache.

Can I force apache to redirect it's root context to an application deployed on the selected worker node ? Please remember that the applicaton to which I want to redirect is also deployed at the root context in JBoss.

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the root context is excluded by default:


Note: If you remove it from the excluded-contexts, the other contexts cease to be excluded as well.

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