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What's the best way to integrate a MySQL Database (no SQLite) and a Webserver like Apache with PHP functionality into a Java Desktop Application? I need to be able to access the Database from Java and the webserver via a webbrowser, PHP is querying the same MYSQL Database as Java. I thought of somehow packaging XAMPP in the Application Installer and then call the specific start batch files from Java but that seems to be kind of a hackish way to me. How is something like this typically done?

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Replace Apache with Jetty which is an embeddable web server built with java. Jetty can serve php pages if it's linked to the php executable. MySQL is not a great option for this at all - if you need a portable high powered solution use MongoDB which you can simply package and run alongside your application.

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It's a bit strange idea. However could be a solution if you construct an installer solution. For example: http://www.advancedinstaller.com/java.html

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