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I need to know whether the are other paths to files in wordpress core where hooks (actions and filters) are stored besides /wp-includes/plugin.php

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Actions and hooks are not stored, this is the whole beauty of them. You register a new action with add_action(), adding a function to the list of functions that will be executed with the declared action. Then, the action is executed with do_action(), anywhere you want, even in multiple places. That way, functions can be added to the action anywhere and actions can be executed anywhere... That said, you might actually be looking to find where some actions of WordPress are, indeed, getting executed, in order to understand why something is happening, and look into it, and maybe interfer by adding another function (with another add_action declaration). Maybe this is what you are doing, but you have to be more explicit if you need help. Anyway, in this case, just launch a search in your WordPress folders on "do_action", possibly even "do_action('name_of_the_action_if_you_know_it"...

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