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I'm going through this flask tutorial

I have carefully gone over the scripts for creating, migrating, and updating the database created in part 4 of the tutorial. The creation of the database works fine. However, when I run the migration script i get the following error

AssertionError: There is no script for 1 version

the script db_migrate.py is as follows

import imp
from migrate.versioning import api
from app import db
from config import SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI
from config import SQLALCHEMY_MIGRATE_REPO

tmp_module = imp.new_module('old_model')
exec old_model in tmp_module.__dict__
script = api.make_update_script_for_model(SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI, SQLALCHEMY_MIGRATE_REPO, tmp_module.meta, db.metadata)
open(migration, "wt").write(script)
print("New migration saved as " + migration)
print("Current database version: " + str(api.db_version(SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI, SQLALCHEMY_MIGRATE_REPO)))

the interpreter seems to throw the error when it gets to a = api.upgrade(SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI, SQLALCHEMY_MIGRATE_REPO)

then it throws a fairly long stack trace all throughout the migrate module.

when I go look through the db_repository I can see the script and seem to be able to run it with no errors. I'm not sure if my error comes from some typo in the tutorial, or if I missed a step or what. Perhaps the migrate module has changed since the writing of the tutorial I'm not sure.

I can tell that the script variable is created correctly because it prints out to the following

from sqlalchemy import *
from migrate import *

from migrate.changeset import schema
pre_meta = MetaData()
post_meta = MetaData()

def upgrade(migrate_engine):
    # Upgrade operations go here. Don't create your own engine; bind
    # migrate_engine to your metadata
    pre_meta.bind = migrate_engine
    post_meta.bind = migrate_engine

def downgrade(migrate_engine):
    # Operations to reverse the above upgrade go here.
    pre_meta.bind = migrate_engine
    post_meta.bind = migrate_engine
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It's tricky to tell without having all your code, but I suspect either the "migrate" variable or the "script" variable has a bad value OR points to a file that doesn't exist. What do you get if you print them out? –  Rachel Sanders Nov 19 '12 at 5:54
when I print out the script variable it displays a script that makes changes in my db based on the differences between my model.py file and the actual db tables. I suspected the paths as well but both my db_create.py file and my db_migrate. py file import the paths from my config. which has the correct paths. –  Oliver Nov 19 '12 at 6:09

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