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I'm using the wijmo grid. Within the grid if a user click on a cell I want to know the id field is.

i.e. if the header details was id, name, surname, dob

When they click on surname I need to be able to retrieve the id. Bit of a rubbish example, but I also need to use selectionMode: "singleCell",

So I don't want to select the full row just one cell, but to be able to retrieve the other cell information within that row

Any Ideas?

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You can handle the onCurrentCellChanging event and get the desired column's value.

   selectionMode: "singleCell",
   currentCellChanging: function (e, args) {
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It returns type $.wijmo.wijgrid.cellInfo and that represents current cell of the grid.

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What I'm trying to is get the current cell detect what row it is and get the Id or value from the first cell – Shane Nov 18 '12 at 22:01
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In the end I found this, so I'll use a split function to get the data I need.

function onSelectionChanged() {
    var dataItem = $("#datatable table").wijgrid('currentCell').row().data;
//     alert(dataItem);
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