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I have Google Map with about 1200 points. When I try to save it as KML or view in Google Earth there is only 1000 point. Is there a way (for example using some API) to download all points (I don't need KML - I just want coordinates with description - it may be in some other format)?

Map can be found here. When you save KML there will be no points from 6th page.

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1. You haven't provided enough information to help. Can you provide the link to the Google Map that you are having issues with? 2. Work on improving your "accept rate". –  geocodezip Nov 18 '12 at 23:08

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Apparently there is a 1000 feature limit on exports from My Maps:


#4. There is a 1,000 feature limit on a single My Maps export, and approximately 1,000 in displaying KML - so large maps wont particully benefit from this trick. Wont show an error just the first 1000 points/lines/features.

See this post on the google map product forum for a workaround to export all the points, Barry Hunter also recommends (and I concur) using FustionTables if you need to display more points on a map (sounds like you don't need to display them on a map, just retrieve the data from your map).

Seems to work, here is a combined file displayed on Google Maps (goes up to 1193)

geoxml3 reports 1197: geoXmlDoc: Object -> placemarks: Array[1197]

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