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I have an image gallery where I want the images horizontally centered on the page. I want to have the image meta data, title, artist-name etc, positioned just to the right of that image.

First I tried floating the image and the meta_data side by side inside a containing div, but then the image is no longer centered according to the page because the overall containing div width is used for centering. Also, I don't know the width of the containing div should be since I don't know the width of the image, it's dynamic. I prefer not to set a hardcoded width on the div because I want to let the image scale down depending on the devise.

Then I tried using display:table display:row display:cell, where the image was in the left cell and the meta data was in the right cell. The table would stretch to the width of the image, which was great. I then put position:relative on the meta data table-cell and then positive:absolute the a div which contained the meta data off to the right. This worked great in most browsers but didn't display correctly in FF. I found that table-cell and position:relative didn't mix well... even if the position:relative was nested in a different element.

So then I tried putting both the image and meta data elements in a containing div that was display:inline-block; positive:relative. Again this stretched around my content without extending all the way to the max width, the way a regular display:block does, which was great. Again I positioned the meta data absolutely to the right. It looks great in chrome, ff and safari... BUT, now my dynamic image scaling breaks. I had size the image max-width:100% so that it will scale down for mobile devices. But in FF this doesn't work. I supposed the image can't get a read on what the width is on the inline-block? I tried putting another div around the image that was display:block but that still doesn't work.

What is a good way of centering the images, yet have a piece of text positioned flush to its right, yet still have image respond to max-width:100% when scaled?

Example of what I have so far: http://www.sketchfemme.com/popular

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