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I am trying to call printf on the _format string but I get an error instead of printing out both of the strings. I was able to get the program to work before adding the _printStr function so I am really unsure of why it won't print out both of them. I can also print out each string separately and it works fine (with 12(%ebp) and 16(%ebp)). This is the code I have:

            .globl      _main
_string:    .ascii      "Hello\0" 
_string2:   .ascii      " World\0" 
_format:    .ascii      "%s %s\0"

_main: // push params, call fn, clear params, return 

            pushl      $_string2 
            pushl      $_string                 
            call      _printStr
            addl       $8, %esp

//function to print a string passed to it on the stack
            push        %ebp               # save old frame ptr
            movl        %esp, %ebp     # set frame ptr
            pushl       8(%ebp) 
            pushl       12(%ebp) 
            pushl       _format
            call _printf
            addl        $12, %esp          # clear params from stack

Thanks for your time, I appreciate the help.

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Aren't you pushing your params in the wrong order ? –  Paul R Nov 18 '12 at 20:36
Yes, I am mainly concerned with just trying to print both of them out right now though. I updated it, thanks for letting me know –  cjw Nov 18 '12 at 20:40
Your call only forwards the format argument to printf, not all of them. Due to the format string printf ends up treating whatever follows it on the stack as the missing arguments. –  DCoder Nov 18 '12 at 20:50
Edited original code to put _format in the _printStr function –  cjw Nov 18 '12 at 21:07

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Do not pass an unknown string as the first parameter to printf. Always use a known format specifier, preferably a literal if possible. If you want to use printf to print a string, do something like this:

_simpleformat:  .ascii      "%s\0"


                pushl       8(%ebp)
                pushl       _simpleformat
                call _printf
                addl        $8, %esp
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Ok thanks for replying, so I need to use the format inside the _printStr function. I edited my original code and it still isn't working, do I have the right idea? –  cjw Nov 18 '12 at 21:05

You are missing a $ sign in the pushl _format. It should read pushl $_format because you want to pass its address. Incidentally, you are also passing the two words in reverse order, it will print " World Hello". Also you are missing a line feed, but have an extra space. Finally, putting your string constants in the .text section isn't the best practice. See the fixed version in operation (note I removed some leading underscores that are not needed for ideone, but probably needed on your system)

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Was looking at it the whole time without realizing I forgot the $, thank you. And I did realize it was in the wrong order and fixed that beforehand. It's working now but I am curious, why do you add the line xor %eax, %eax? –  cjw Nov 18 '12 at 21:50
That's to set the value returned from main to zero. –  Jester Nov 18 '12 at 22:04

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