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I would like to know if is there a secure issue id I set the _id of my user in cookie to identify users or it will be better to set a cookie username and an otherone encode pwd


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Yes, that is absolutely a security risk -- it means that, if a user can discover the _id of another user (e.g, if you accidentally display it somewhere), they can log in as that user. Worse yet, the _id cannot be changed after the fact, so there's no way to force another session to remotely log out, or to recover from a stolen cookie.

Use sessions for login, not user-specific data.

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ok, thanks I'll use login and pwd – ant Nov 18 '12 at 21:06

Kind of a comment, kind of an answer.

The choices presented are both bad; also known as a Morton's fork.

  1. put userid in a cookie: bad because, as duskwuff said, cookie can be stolen and the id passed back in. No way to stop it.

  2. put username and encrypted password in cookie: bad for exactly the same reasons.

A third option is preferable: send back an encrypted session ID that has a limited lifetime. Once the server determines that the session is timed out, don't use it anymore.

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