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In the following code, how do I select all the <tr> elements that have a <td> with an image that ends in cancelled.png? I am at a loss...

    <tr> <----- select this whole tr
            <img src="/images/icons/invoice-cancelled.png" alt="cancelled" />
            <a href='/orders/invoice.aspx?invoiceid=63'>X1087</a>
        ... other tds, some with "-cancelled.png" others with something different
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$('tr:has(td img[src$="cancelled.png"])')


(tr) Select All Table Rows
(:has()) That Have:
(td) a table data
(img) with an image in it
([src$="cancelled.png"]) that has an ttribute of 'src' that ends($=) in 
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thanks. this helped me get what i needed. –  Jason Aug 28 '09 at 0:55

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