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I have an Article entity and an ArticleCode entity. Aritcle Code has Article as forgeing key but is has also a second and third primary key.

The example below isnt possible because Article isnt serializable. Any ideas?

Thanks, Ralph

@Entity public class Article {
@Id @GeneratedValue(strategy=GenerationType.TABLE) private Long id;

public Long getId() { return id; }


@Entity @IdClass( public class ArticleCode {

private Article article;

private String codingSystem;

private String code;


public static class ComposedIdKey implements Serializable {
    public Article article;
    public String codingSystem;
    public String code;

    public ComposedIdKey () { }

    public ComposedIdKey(Article article, String codingSystem, String code) {
    	this.article = article;
        this.codingSystem = codingSystem;
        this.code = code;



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ohh, in google's BigTable it is impossible to have more then one primary key.

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