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It seems that when deploying my Spring app to AppFog, that the environment variables are not being detected.

I have the environment variables declared in my console:

Environment Variables

And I try to reference these from within my app code, like so:


However, this generates an error:

Caused by: class path resource [server.${concorde-env}.properties] cannot be opened because it does not exist

This approach works fine in other (non AppFog) environments.

I logged out the properties by calling:"Properties: " + System.getProperties().toString());

And it doesn't show those properties as available.

However, if I do a af env <<MY_APP_NAME>>, it shows the variables as present:

| Variable                 | Value            |
| concorde-env             | test             |
|   | runtime,test     |

What am I missing to make these variables exposed to my app at runtime?

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Try accessing the value like this: System.getenv("concorde-env") to see if the environment var can even be accessed in code.

Based on the error message "class path resource [server.${concorde-env}.properties] cannot be opened because it does not exist" it seems like ${concorde-env} is not even being evaluated or replaced even with empty string.

It looks like Spring has other ways of accessing env vars. Try #{systemEnvironment['concorde-env']} instead of ${concorde-env}

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Hey Tim, thanks for your answer! I faced the same problem and I fixed it with System.getenv("MY_ENV"). Important note! AppFog doesn't allow variables with separated dots, only with _ or -. If you use dots it will return null. – maqjav Aug 30 '13 at 9:23

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