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I am trying to have the start slide on bxslider controlled by a query string. For example, the url http://page.html?id=3 would start slide three and the user could then advance the slides in an infinite loop. The code I currently have is:

  startSlide: 0,
  infiniteLoop: true,

I am not sure how to pull the query string value and then insert its value into the startSlide. Any help would be appreciated.

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You can either manually extract id from window.location.search. Or use some library with deparam function in it.

var search = window.location.search.substr(1),
    params = $.map(search.split('&'), function(item) {
         var matches = item.split('=');
         return { name: matches[0], value: matches[2]};
    id = parseInt($.grep(params, function(param){
        return param.name === 'id';
    }).value, 10);

  startSlide: id - 1, //zero based
  infiniteLoop: true,
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