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I use Glassfish, Sql Server 2005, PF 3.4 and Mojarra 2.1.6. Ide Eclipse Juno.

I use stored procedure, and add jar commons-io.1.4 and commons-fileupload.1.2.1

In database, we save all file (pdf, doc, xls, etc.) in varbinary. I have these doubts:

  1. How I can upload any file (pdf, doc, xls, etc.) with p:fileupload and save as varbinary file in the database?
  2. How I can download any varbinary file of database with p:FileDownload?
  3. How I can show pdf with p:media, recovering files varbinary from the database?


How I can upload any file (pdf, doc, xls, etc.) with p: fileupload and save them to the database?

I undestood the p:fileupload, since documentation. I use this method, handlerFileUpload, for upload a file. Firsts get the inputScream of the event

<p:fileUpload fileUploadListener="#{fileBean.handleFileUpload}" />

public class FileBean {
    public void handleFileUpload(FileUploadEvent event) {
       UploadedFile file = event.getFile();
       //application code

I used file.getInputStream and sent the stored procedure a BinaryStream setBinaryStream(4, inputStream, (int)inputStream.toString().getBytes().length);

This is good??


How I can download any varbinary file with p:FileDownload?

I recover a varbinary since database with getBytes. Remember I use the stored procedure.

This method is in a class with request scope.

   public byte[] ArchivoBin(int CDTPEnlaceImagen, int iddoc) {
  PA(2, 51);

  [b]byte[] file = null;[/b]

  try {
     getProc().setInt(1, CDTPEnlaceImagen);
     getProc().setInt(2, iddoc);


     [b]file = getRs().getBytes(1);[/b]
  catch(SQLException e) {
     System.out.println("Exception ArchivoBin");

  return file;}

But, when i get the file in bytes, i convert a bytes to inputscream, and then inputscream to DefaultStreamedContent.

This part is a class with request scope.

byte[] bytes = null;
bytes = getRecuperarDatos().ArchivoBin(

//Archivo is a Session Scope
getArchivo().setFile(new DefaultStreamedContent(
                  [b]new ByteArrayInputStream(bytes)[/b], 

The f:download not get the file correct, It is corrupt.

<h:commandButton value="Download">
           [b]<p:fileDownload value="#{archivo.file}"[/b] />

I don't know why this bad


How I can show pdf with p:media, recovering varbinary files from the database?

This is similar to TWO QUESTION, p:media say "An error has occurred while loading the PDF document"

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You shouldn't store files in a database that can be large. Instead store the file on disk and store the location of the file in the database. See here for a pro/con. – siebz0r Nov 19 '12 at 7:03
we just save 1 MB by file. – fylex Nov 23 '12 at 19:53
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All is solved, when i save the file in database with the method contents. Specifically, with

public void SubirAlBaseDatos(FileUploadEvent e) {
  bytes[] file = e.getFile().getContents();


thus, I can show in p:media, and donwload in p:filedownload. Something insignificant was causing the problem.

Thank!! BalusC for your tips source

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