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I have a navigation bar at the top with an image. Ideally, this nav bar image would sit at the top over the background image and disappear when scrolling down. Any way to make this possible (2 background images 1 scrolling the other fixed)

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What have you tried? –  jtheman Nov 18 '12 at 23:29
What's your relevant/SSCCE HTML? –  David Thomas Nov 18 '12 at 23:35

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<div id="scroll" class="nav">Scrolling</div>
<div id="fixed" class="nav">Fixed</div>


.nav {
    top: 0; 
      left: 0; 
      height: 100px; // position and size only example, adjust to your needs
      width: 100%;
#scroll { 
      position: absolute; 
      background: url(yourimage.png); 
#fixed { 
     position: fixed; 
     background: url(your2ndimage.png); 

This would make the #fixed background only show after the window has been scrolled down...

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