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I use Nemiver 0.9.2 and i don't understand why the "current line executed" (marked by the yellow arrow) often go back when i hit F6 (Next).

Here is an example when using nemiver on sshd:

1) I start nemiver with: nemiver $(pwd)/build-deb/sshd -p 1234 -d

2) Nemiver starts and reaches the breakpoint on main(): yellow arrow at line 1322

3) I hit F6, nemiver skips all the variable declarations and stop on the first instruction: yellow arrow at line 1340

4) I hit F6 a second time, and i'm back on main() !! yellow arrow back at line 1322

Do you have any idea why nemiver behaves like this ? Is it "normal" or is it a bug ? It is very disturbing when debugging


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One thing you should look for is optimization. If the compiled code is optimized then the source code does not always match up and you end up with a jumping line marker.

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