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I have a variable which contains a value such as


i have 21 items in the combo box and their contents set to from -10 to +10.

i want to programmatically select the combobox item based on the variable...

i been looking for some sort of reference or solution but cannot find one...

myVar = "-9";
myCB.selectedValue = myVar.ToString();

the above code doesn't give any error but the combobox displays with a blank value... all other values are there (-10 to +10) but none of them are selected....

sorry if the question is too stupid.... but i am learning to code for windows 8 apps using c#

please help.


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The 21 items in you combobox are selectable by using the indexes of 0 to 20. Your code above shows you are trying to set the value to -9 which does not exist and you are trying to set it with a string of -9 (will fail unless the value is -9 and you use SelectedItem). You should really be using SelectedIndex or SelectedItem instead of SelectedValue.

Put some smarts in your code before setting combobox. eg -9 would be 1. Hope this helps!

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myVar = 10 + myVar; myCB.selectedIndex = myVar; Sorted my issue... thanks for giving me an idea... – A Gilani Nov 19 '12 at 0:43

Are you possibly looking for Combobox.SelectedItem?

(This is assuming you've bound your Combobox directly to string objects; so give

myCB.SelectedItem = "-9";

a go)

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i have tried myCB.SeletedItem = "-9"; and the combobox is blank – A Gilani Nov 19 '12 at 0:39

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