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How to Delete/Remove post title in blogger (in all the blog! not just static pages only!)? i mean in regular posts also.


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Put in CSS [Go to Template, Customize, Advanced, Add CSS] or add this before ]]></b:skin> tag in Edit Template HTML, Expand Widget Templates:

.post-title.entry-title {
display: none;
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It is usually not the best idea to just hide content when you can just have the server not send it... – Laurent S. Apr 20 at 13:30

DISPLAY:NONE is not typically advised, because Google may seem it as "Suspicious" manner for hidden keyword optimization.

Better, too EDIT HTML (under template) and put this line in comments ( ):

      <!--  <h3 class='post-title ....</h3>  -->
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He could also just drop the line so that title isn't even sent with the response... but your idea is indeed better than just not displaying it through CSS. – Laurent S. Apr 20 at 13:31

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