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This is a piggyback from my previous question

I was trying to download an excel after an AJAX get request, however, that is not feasible.

So now instead of

$.get("downloadExcel", {  
    'foo': 'bar'

I have a hidden url on the page like which I would like to click using jQuery UI when the user clicks a button on the modalbox. I will modify the parameters of the URL programmatically but I don't know how to load the click the URL using jQuery as if the user clicked on it:

<a href="downloadExcel?foo=bar" id="hiddenLink" src="display: none;"></a>
    autoOpen : false,
    draggable : false,
    resizable : false,
    modal : true,
    buttons: [{
         text: "Download File",
     click: function () {
            $("#hiddenLink").click();   //this doesn't work                       
            jQuery(this).dialog( "close" );
            return true;  
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You don't need to do that.

Instead, you can just write location.href = someUrl;. As long as that URL returns the appropriate headers, the browser will show a save dialog, as if you had navigated to that URL manually.

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thats awesome. Talk about over thinking a problem...thanks! – birdy Nov 19 '12 at 1:01

Attempting to click a hidden link is more of a "hack" than a solution, and I'd suggest avoiding it.

Instead, you may want to use jQuerty to create a hidden iframe on the page, which will allow you to let the user download a file while staying on the same page.

$('<iframe />', {
    src: 'downloadLink.html',
    style: 'display:none'
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As you've set the display style to hidden, it's likely that jquery cannot find the control on the page.

Try wrapping the link within a div tag that has the display style set to hidden.

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