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Given a multi-dimensional array that you don't necessarily know the structure of; how would one search for a key by name and change or add to it's contents? The value of the key could be either a string or an array and the effects should be applied either way--I had looked at array_walk_recursive, but it ignores anything that contains another array...

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Does this work?

function arrayWalkFullRecursive(&$array, $callback, $userdata = NULL) {
    call_user_func($callback, $value, $key, $userdata);

    if(!is_array($array)) {
        return false;

    foreach($array as $key => &$value) {

    return true;

    create_function(                // wtb PHP 5.3
        '&$value, $key, $data',
        'if($key == $data['key']) {
             $value = $data['value'];
    array('key' => 'foo', 'value' => 'bar')
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Didn't quite work, but got me on the right track. I put together a function called remove_recursive() for removing array items, now I need to make the add_recursive() and change_recursive(). :) –  Stephen Belanger Aug 29 '09 at 6:52
@Belanger, What is wrong with mine? What didn't work? –  strager Aug 29 '09 at 6:56
Oh, wait, I think I know. I'll edit my answer. –  strager Aug 29 '09 at 6:57

Array keys in PHP are ints and strings. You can't have an array array key. So yeah, array_walk_recursive() is what you want.

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I mean the value that corresponds with the key. If the value is another level of array it will skip it and recurse inward until it finds something with a non-array value. –  Stephen Belanger Aug 28 '09 at 2:27

From Arrays:

A key may be either an integer or a string.

Arrays cannot be used as keys.

To get the keys of an array, use array_keys.

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