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So I have a pet with the field "age" and pets are linked to other pets by parentage (which is a second field). The parents' ages are 6 and 7, and the grandparents ages are 16 and 17.

I want to put all of the ages of the pets in a list, starting with the first pet's age, then its parents' ages, then its grandparents' ages. This is what I have for the method to list out pets:

List<String> tempPetList = new List<String>();

public List<String> listPets() {


        for(Pet p : pets) 







    return tempPetList;


However when I print out this list to see if it works using that System.out line, I get:


6, 7


16, 17

and 16, 17 is the final result.

When I want 6, 7, 16, 17.

Does anyone understand why this is happening? Why does the list reset once it recursively calls and reaches the grandparents' ages?

EDIT: Even when I move the tempPetList out of the method, it has the exact same effect. How can I keep this list going?

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This cannot be your real code, because you cannot construct a List<String>. I don't think the problem is in what you have shown. I suggest constructing the shortest program you can that reproduces the problem. Doing so may show you what is wrong. If not, post it and it will be easier to help you. –  Patricia Shanahan Nov 19 '12 at 5:19
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1 Answer

Each time listPets is entered, a new tempPetList variable is created and initialized.

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