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I am doing a simple document based application. I've implemented readFromData and dataOfType function. Creating a newDocument and saveDocument are working. However, the question is how to set up save notification when user clicks Close. I add some data in my application and when I click close, it just directly close. There is no save notification. I think it was supposed to have it in document based application.

I tried windowWillClose:(NSNotification*)a, having an alertsheet. The alert comes and window closes immediately.

What I am missing?

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Implement this kind of logic, and you will be done.

- (BOOL)isDocumentEdited{
        if (somethingGotChanged){
            return YES;
            return NO;
        //or return somethingGotChanged; //*** make somethingGotChanged BOOL

Here, somethingGotChanged is a flag, which you have to set based on you editing on the data.

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that's exactly what i want. thanks !!! –  Pengyu Ren Jan 21 '13 at 6:10
Aaah, one month to check the answer!!! –  Anoop Vaidya Jan 21 '13 at 6:58

Use NSDocument -updateChangeCount: method to track changes in your document. Like :

// add some data to theDocument
[theDocument updateChangeCount:NSChangeDone];

But just read the documentation, you may not need to update change count yourself, if you use default document undo manager.


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