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For some reason when I try to write a file on my localhost (windows 7) the writestream won't open. On a linux machine, it works fine. Is there some type of permissions I need to add in windows?

I'm already running as administrator.

Here is the current method.

// Mainfunction to recieve and process the file upload data asynchronously
var uploadFile = function(req, targetdir,callback) {
  var  total_uploaded = 0
    // Moves the uploaded file from temp directory to it's destination
    // and calls the callback with the JSON-data that could be returned.
    var moveToDestination = function(sourcefile, targetfile) {
        moveFile(sourcefile, targetfile, function(err) {
                callback({success: true});
                callback({success: false, error: err});

    // Direct async xhr stream data upload, yeah baby.
    if(req.xhr) {
        var fname = req.header('x-file-name');
        // Be sure you can write to '/tmp/'
        var tmpfile = '/tmp/'+uuid.v1();
        total_file = req.header('content-length');
        // Open a temporary writestream
        var ws = fs.createWriteStream(tmpfile);
        ws.on('error', function(err) {
            console.log("uploadFile() - req.xhr - could not open writestream.");
            callback({success: false, error: "Sorry, could not open writestream."});
        ws.on('close', function(err) {
            moveToDestination(tmpfile, targetdir+fname);

        // Writing filedata into writestream
        req.on('data', function(data,t,s) {
            total_uploaded = total_uploaded+e;
            var feed = {user:'hitesh',file:fname,progress:(total_uploaded/total_file)*100};

        req.on('end', function() {

    // Old form-based upload
    else {

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1. Have you waited for the 'open' event before calling write? 2. Please provide sample code that produces the error. – Dan D. Nov 19 '12 at 4:50
Code is now added. – delboud Nov 19 '12 at 5:02

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As your code is running fine on Linux it must be something specific to Windows.

var tmpfile = '/tmp/'+uuid.v1();

might be your problem. The folder/path structure on windows is different. Try using the path module and change your code to

var path = require('path');

var tmpfile = path.join('tmp', uuid.v1());

The same goes probably to your parameter targetdir.

see this related question.

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Tried using path module, same error. – delboud Nov 19 '12 at 22:59

The problem is with the directory. Unless you have a C:\tmp directory (assuming you're running node from the C drive), it doesn't have anywhere to write the tmp file.

You could either create a C:\tmp directory or modify the line

var tmpfile = '/tmp/'+uuid.v1();

to something like

var tmpfile = __dirname + '/tmp/'+ uuid.v1();

Note: requires a directory something like C:\mynodeproject\tmp

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