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I came across a groovy syntax that creates a link in gsp file like this:

class LoginTagLib {
def loginControl = {
out << """[${link(action:"login",controller:"user"){"Login"}}]"""

I know that it will eventually turned into this in html:

<a href="/racetrack/user/login">Login</a>

However, there are 2 portion of the syntax that I don't understand:

  1. I don't understand ${link(action:"login",controller:"user"){"Login"}}:

    • I get the $(), which is used for string interpolation.
    • I get the link(action:"login",controller:"user") too, just 2 arguments passed into link
    • but what is the {"Login"} doing behind?
  2. I don't understand the """[ ]""" that is used to enclose the whole thing, I tried to take away a pair of ", but it wounldn't work anymore. So it proves to me it has it's significance.

Anybody help to shed some light?


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  1. In groovy if the last argument of a function is a closure you can you change this syntax foo(arg1, arg2, ..., { ... }) to foo(arg1, arg2, ...) { ... }. this is what happens here, the last argument of link() is a closure that should evaluate to the textual representation of the link
  2. ''' and ''' allow for multi-line string. """ """ are the same but also support variable substitution
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Thanks! I got it now –  dragon who spits fire Nov 19 '12 at 5:32

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