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I want to encrypt a local file using Adobe Flex, Actionscript or Air... help me.

...or I would like to know of other options but not vc++ or activeX. I would like cross-platform operation. Would you think it together?,

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If you're looking for a quick easy solution to encrypted a file with AIR, you might try to read the file into your AIR program... Then, store the bits as a bytearray in AIR's Encrypted Local Store.

The Adobe doc can be found here, - also note - there is a warning about performance should the encrypted local store grow to larger that 10 MBs.

// Read file contents as fileData

var bytes:ByteArray = new ByteArray();
EncryptedLocalStore.setItem("filename", bytes);
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Air seems like a reasonable option. It's the only Flash-based product with decent local file access.

This library will definitely be helpful:

If you don't want to look at any C/C++ based stuff and need x-platform powers, Java might be a next best choice.

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