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Is there any way to customize the field name used in the find method in laravel:

User::find(1) //this assumes that the primary key field is always named id

I tried doing this on the model:

public static $id = 'user_id';

But this doesn't work. The query that it uses when doing find() is still using the column 'id'

I can always do something like:

$user = User::where('user_id', '=', 2);

But I like typing less code and I specifically want to chain it to insert a new record to another table but this doesn't work:

$user = User::where('insect_id', '=', 2)->transactions()->insert(array('trans_id' => 34));
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UPDATE:: (11 nov 2013)

As of laravel 4, primaryKey needs to be overridden to access the primary key attribute.


Example :

protected $primaryKey = 'user_id';



public static $key = 'user_id';

in your model

See http://laravel.com/api/source-class-Laravel.Database.Eloquent.Model.html#45 for details...

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