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Hi I am trying to use ezzeelfinder as file manager

I am getting the following error:

TypeError: jQuery(selector).elfinder is not a function

I am using the exact code from the Yii extension website. I do not know what is going wrong, I am using windows 7 with Apache (XAMPP)?

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I think i am not able to access the connector action from extension. Is there any way to check this? – Akbar Ali Nov 19 '12 at 7:48

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Continuing our discussion from previous ElFinder question let me try to explain more.

Can you look at what is inside elfinder.min.js file included from assets directory (you can use Firebug: Net tab > expand request of /assets/abcdef/elfinder.min.js > Response tab)? It wasn't a script (but some HTML with error) when I've reproduced a problem with such error. So if this JavaScript file is not included then there is no elfinder method extending jQuery and the error message you receive is fair.

Seems to me that this one is a permission issue. elfinder.min.js file cannot be published to assets directory for some reasons. Make sure that all permissions to elfinder.min.js file WITHIN extension's directory are granted. After granting the permissions to this file clean up assets directory and try again. At last, check whether the script has been really published to assets directory and has granted permissions there.

I don't know whether it will be helpful for you but I have an archive with demo files that can demonstrate extension's basic usage (made under Ubuntu though):

Extract the contents of this archive to the root folder of Yii basic application created from command line using yiic script.

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Thanks for your reply Bro. It is not permission problem, i guess, elfinder.min.js is created under assets/js folder. I tried to use elfinder jquery plugin in plain PHP when i removed the connector.php, i came across with the same error. I am new to Yii. i think i messed up with placing the code inside the whole folder structure or in referring the location of connector. – Akbar Ali Nov 23 '12 at 10:01
Thank for the demo project, it is working fine in my local PC, now i will try to integrate it to my project. I have one more doubt. I am using this widget so that user can refer his already uploaded files some where else in an application avoiding re upload of same file. How can i refer that file on double clicking (change the default action of opening on double click) – Akbar Ali Nov 23 '12 at 10:26
I believe that getFileCallback client parameter of ElFinder is what you need:… I have just updated my extension to version 0.0.2 and now you can specify any client functions and handlers in clientOptions parameter of the widget. Please refer to extension's page on Yii site for details. – Ezze Nov 23 '12 at 21:58
Oops. Sorry, i did not know there was something called accepting answer. But the problem still persists. Your demo is working in my local system, exact code, while integrating with my project fails. I see only one difference, I am rewriting URL using URLmanager so that URL will be Can this be a problem? – Akbar Ali Nov 26 '12 at 6:12
I never had problems with this extension rewriting URL. I don't know what your URL rules are and other specific things but you can try to comment your rules and check whether the extension works without them. – Ezze Nov 26 '12 at 17:26

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