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I am designing UI for a system application using Visual Studio 2010 and C# language, willing to use some opensource controls to give my bosses a surprise. Please help me out with my initial steps like where and how do I get new controls.

Thanks in Advance, Ashmeet

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You may start with Nuget package gallery. There are plenty of good free and open-source libraries available here. Also it provides easy and convenient way to manage and update your packages within Visual Studio.

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I have installed the package , but unfortunately it did not put anything new in my toolbox . Am I looking at right place or I am going in wrong direction. –  savalakh Nov 19 '12 at 11:35
Check the Nuget website documentation to find out more info. One of possible options - create new solution, then right-click on "References" and choose "Manage Nuget packages" –  dlxeon Nov 19 '12 at 19:16

willing to use some opensource controls to give my bosses a surprise.

Sure the surprise is not you getting fired?

Do not get me wrong, I am totally behind open source.

BUT: many open source licenses are tricky to deal with from an open source perspective. You seem to be basically clueless - I can tell you that if I would find a non authorized open source control in any of my software projects, the responsible programmer would go out of the door, THEN I would start checking licenses - because we have a process in place for adding new elements. Happens, but it must be approved first, possibly by legal. If oyu add a GPL control, you just handed your program over under GPL, for example.

I strongly suggest you do not surprise your boss th stuff others myay consider borderline unintelligent. Especially when you are unable to use Google, NuGet to start with.

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