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I imported a personal geodatabase into PostgreSQL. For one of my tables, I added a new column. This column is empty and I want to add in/insert values into this column so that all its rows will be populated. When I used:

INSERT INTO district (province_id) VALUES
('13'), ('13'), ('13'), ('13'), ('13'),  ('13'), ('12'), ('12'), ('12'), ('12'), ('12'), ('12'), ('12'), ('12'), ('12'), ('19'), ('19');

The result is such that new rows were created, so instead of having 17 rows, i ended up having 34 rows. When I try to use UPDATE...Set...=... Where...., the query ran succesfully however now rows were affected. My question now is: how can I add in the values for each of the rows in the newly created column such that no new rows will be created as a result?

Thanks in advance and any help would be very much appreciated.


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How do you know which row should get which province_id value? – mu is too short Nov 19 '12 at 7:08
Mu, you are right, that was my mistake with using the INSERT. However i also try to use the UPDATE and no row was being populated. With the tips from Igor and Konstantin, i have now fixed the problem. – Barbara Lokes Nov 19 '12 at 8:31

First - in the table "district" you must choose a column, that is unique for every record in "district" (a primary key. I guess it is called "district_id").

Then for every "district_id" you need to set the "province_id" :

UPDATE district 
SET province_id = 13 -- put your province_id value here
WHERE district_id = 1234; -- put the key value here

It will search for a record in "district" with "district_id" = 1234 and SET its "province_id" to 13.

Next you must write such UPDATE's for every district or write something like:

WITH vals(district_id numeric, province_id numeric) as 
(    VALUES((1234,13), -- pairs of district_id , province_id
            ........)  -- write the pair for every district
UPDATE district as dist
SET province_id = vals.province_id
FROM vals
WHERE dist.district_id = vals.district_id
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Thanks alot Igor, you have actually helped me a step further. I really, really appreciate it. – Barbara Lokes Nov 19 '12 at 8:34

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