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I have a job which creates 3 sybase tables on the fly. Thus they are all not indexed. Currently we have no way to index them as we do not have control over them

table1 - 250,000 rows table2 - 270,000 rows table3 - 1.2 million rows

Now, I want a job which will combine the results of all the above 3 tables. Basically a copy using some sql statement. I know UNION ALL is solution but it might hog the server as it needs to load millions of records into memory. Is there a way to batch load the final table? If so, can you please let me know how?

Thanks, RC

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I see that we can use the fetch statement to read n number of rows at a time. I have never been able to read n rows at a time but just one. Any sample would be handy. –  Jithu Nov 19 '12 at 15:27

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Two possible ways:

  1. If you have ID's in the tables, go by ranges
    Use a while cycle and do it by sets and do commit in every set.

  2. Use cursors Without ID's, you can go line by line or, if possible, multiple lines at a time. Just see the most distinct column in it and use it.

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